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Faster. Stronger. Lighter.

Curable's cutting-edge technology has endless benefits. See a few below.



Instant curing drastically cuts down the design-to-print time.


Complex Shapes

Our 6-axis robot can print complex shapes, expanding your possibilities.



Minimal air voids and high fiber content allow for stronger and more reliable materials.


Replace Steel Parts

Simplify your manufacturing, replacing many metal parts with one Curable design.



Curable's composite material is exceptionally lightweight, necessary for numerous industries.

heat resistant.png

Heat Resistant

Curable materials have high thermal stability, ideal for structural applications.

Mostafa and Jim with Robotic Arms.png
Mostafa’s unwavering dedication and groundbreaking research over the last decade in the field of continuous fiber, 3D composite printing have yielded remarkable technological advancements that have positioned him as an industry leader. Demonstrating a recent achievement, Mostafa proudly showcases his two new robotic arms generously donated by Vestas. Driven by an audacious vision, Mostafa aspires to revolutionize the manufacturing process by bringing the production facility directly to wind sites, eliminating the need for global transportation of parts. Through the successful realization of “robotic printing” in producing high-quality components, Mostafa’s ambitious dream is now on the precipice of becoming a tangible reality.
"Carbon-fiber composites could reduce passenger car weight by 50 percent and improve fuel efficiency by about 35 percent without compromising performance or safety"

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